Friday, June 5, 2009

Layla's Land Animals

We saw a real bull snake was slithering through the path. We saw it first then we walked past it.

We saw a real stork and a eagle. We didn't know what animal this was but maybe a stork on the water.

We saw two butterflies, dead ones. They died by a car because they were not watching where they were going. Poor butterflies.

We saw a real real real eagle with a tree on him.

We saw ducks, real ducks with babies. They cracked their eggs and opened up. They stayed with their mama and they just loved the water.


  1. I would be scared if I saw that big snake, Layla!
    I hope I don't see one when we come to your birthday.
    Auntie Sara

  2. There are so many animals where you live, Layla! That's so cool. - Auntie Amy

  3. There re so many animals where you live. I think I like the eagle best.

  4. Not crazy about the snake.

  5. Layla, which kind of snake is that?
    Love Charlie

  6. a bull snake Charlie. - Dear Layla

  7. The butterfly is a twotailedswallowtail. You know how i know? Because I have a Butterflies and Moths book that has pictures of all of them -- and caterpillars and chrysalises too. When are you coming in the fall? Do you want to stay at our house again? Layla Layla Layla B I love you (because once you said I love you I love you I love you Kenzie B):). From Kenzie.