Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Turtle Was Very Nice To Me

Kenzie and Charlie we saw a real turtle. The turtle was really fast and had really sharp claws. We saw he had red on his bottom. He was on the walk and was on the path in some sun. Chester touched his nose on the turtle and the turtle ran away. Chester was a good dog. I know about Chester. My mom swung on a rope but she didn't drop but she will next time. We are going to go back. Kenzie that's ok that you're not coming to my birthday. Dear Layla.


  1. Where were you when you found the turtle?
    Did you like the turtle?
    Layla, I love your blog.
    Love Charlie

  2. That's so cool, Layla!
    Can't wait to come to your birthday!
    Love Auntie Sara

  3. Wow, Layla! Turtles are cool. Did you know Uncle Curtis swam with some giant sea turtles when we were in Hawaii? It was really neat!

  4. That's a beautiful turtle Layla. I'm glad your Mom didn't let go of the rope over the river.

  5. Why didn't you take the turtle home? Thanks for the mail, Layla. I miss you too and love you too. Love Kenzie.

  6. was it a big turtle or was it a small turtle?

  7. It was a small turtle. Charlie was right. Kenzie we just didn't want to keep him. We wanted him to stay in nature, nature is outside. Dear Layla